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Muse Salon

Balmain 5 Week Treatment (5 count/pkg)

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The haircare treatment for regeneration and revitalization within 5 weeks. The two active ingredients in the Balmain formula: Silk Protein and Succinic Acid seal the hair cuticles, give body and elasticity while reconstructing the hair fiber for healthy hair with a luminous shine. Silk Protein is an active ingredient that ensures optimal hydration within the hair. Scientifically Silk Protein and the hair’s natural proteins are almost identical. Silk Protein contains 17 of the 19 amino acids of natural hair. The ingredient reconstructs damaged protein chains within the hair in the most natural way. Resulting in soft, strengthened and revitalized hair. To reinforce the power of Silk, the formula is enriched with Succinic Acid. Succinic Acid is a natural ingredient derived from Amber stones that penetrates deeply into the hair. It helps to deliver the Silk Protein and creates a protective layer around each individual protein chain. The combination of these two effective and active ingredients creates a long lasting reconstruction of the hair.